Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The dots: A theme I could get behind

As a bride who felt herself lost in a sea of tulle and tradition, I turned to the internet, blogs, and the more modern of wedding magazines to help plan my upcoming wedding. This blog is to organize my thoughts, share them with others, and maybe be another idea blog for similar brides out there who want their weddings to be unique and reflect their style.

So I thought I would jump right in with one of my current obsessions: polka dots. As you can see by the blog layout, I'm into the dots. Thank goodness they are in style right now. I can't get enough polka dot clothing. But, they are also really cool for decor and weddings.

Say what you will about Martha, she knows her stuff when it comes to crafts and weddings.

That link shows some of her ideas for polka dots including the above envelope liners. You can buy pre-made liners at or make your own by picking out your favorite paper at scrapbooking stores and measuring the envelope and cutting the liner to fit. Make sure you leave enough room for the adhesive strip! Martha uses a glue stick to make the liners stick but if you live in a really dry place (like me!), using strips of double-sided adhesive tape for cardmaking (not just double-sided scotch - use craft tape) works much better.

Some other cool places to find patterned paper:

Other ideas with dots:

Polka dot beverage napkins

This site has tons and tons of different dot napkins - and they are $5 for 20! Perfect for cocktails.
As anti-theme wedding as I usually am, I could probably get behind a polka-dot theme wedding.

Especially if I could actually find this dress anywhere!!! If you can find it, leave a comment! (it's by jcrew - their couture line).

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