Sunday, February 24, 2008

Accidental theme #1 - River Rocks (red mostly)

It has officially been 5 months since my first post. I have to say that after I started this blog I debated about whether or not I wanted to continue. I have officially decided to dedicate myself to it. So here goes...

Our wedding has always been sort of eclectic - I'm not comfortable with the whole matchy-matchy thing where everything is the same color and all the favors and cards and things are designed similarly and all have the same pattern or stamp on it. I just don't think I'm that organized! Plus I don't want to worry whether my computer screen is making the blue table runner less "turquoise" and more "tiffany blue" ... I'm into minimizing the stress. Mixing shades and decorations is my way of keeping the non-matching-ness from being noticeable.

Well, our wedding has remained uniquely "us" but themes have begun to emerge! It's like they were just there and I didn't even notice.

First of all, red rocks/river rocks.

We are getting married in Sedona which looks mostly like this:


And we are getting married next to a creek - hence the advancement of the river rock theme.

I originally had the idea of using these unique martini glasses from crate and barrel to create centerpieces for cocktail tables:


The idea was to copy this idea from without spending a ton of extra money. The clio martini glasses above were the martini glasses we were registring for anyway. (We literally removed them from our registry and ordered them).


Ignore the beading and the pink... the original photo on the website was a white floating candle with lavender in the bowl underneath. We were going to use lavender but our colors are blue and green with a little yellow - no purple there. We are all for using different shades of blue and green but I don't like the idea of using different colors at this point.

Now we are going to use red rock pebbles in the bottom bowls (carefully so they don't scratch our glasses too badly!) Ours are actually tumbled so they have smooth edges.


We actually tumbled river rocks at Jo-ann and bought out the stock of the store we went to - it still might not be enough!

This also led to the guest book table decor...Now I can't find the pic that inspired my idea for the guest book table but picture tall glass cylinders of various heights with floating candles and these red rock pebbles in the bottom and spilling out onto the table. Hope it looks cool!

Further advancement of the river rock theme may include lining the aisle with river rocks. We are not however, sure of how we will accomplish this without completely busting our budget!

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