Thursday, July 31, 2008

pencil sketch

pencil sketch, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

Having kids at your wedding and looking for something awesome to put in those kiddie packets? A wedding coloring book made easy by flickr's picnik tool. Use the pencil sketch tool to turn your e-pics into sketches, print and bind. Look how cool they turn out! I might print some of our wedding pics and color them just for funsies.

Note: You probably need picnik pro to use this tool but trust me, picnik is so cool that it's totally worth it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You know you're obsessed with your color scheme when...

...your bar includes these babies:

Note: these weren't our actual straws, they matched the other colors better (these were just the best internet pics I could find!). I found our actual straws at walgreens a few days before the wedding, super cheap! Something like $2 for 300 straws. I just got lucky in that they had this blue and green summer picnic display going on.

Our napkins were ordered from platesandnapkins

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Super 8 Wedding Videos

Here is something I wish we could have done for our wedding. It would have taken additional coordination, expense and planning and by the end I couldn't justify expending more of those things.

A Super 8 (8mm) film of our wedding would have been really really cool though. Check out this one below by cake and lemonade. I love vintage-y things!!! (refer to burgeoning collection of lomographic cameras)

Holiday Cards

In order to avoid doing this during my crazy busy season, I ordered Holiday cards recently. I won't give away the inside but this is the outside:

Photo by Jacob Konst, Texture/Color/Text modified by me

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wedding Cake - ready for its close up

I posted earlier about my wedding cakes but I thought I would put in a better picture. The lacy frosting design that follows the sugar flower branches matches the embroidery on my dress. I sent photos to our cake designer for her to copy and she did a marvelous job. Also, the little matching cake stand was just perfect too!

Note: all photos are by Jacob Konst. If you use them for anything, please credit him.

UA Photo shoot pt I - Table numbers

Mike and I did a photo shoot around UA with 2 bridesmaids following us around with Mike's Camera and some of our lomographic cameras. This gave us the opportunity to test the lomos as well as shoot our table numbers. We were going for whimsical and nostalgic. Some of our photos have issues (the bad merger of the backpack and my head in the McKale center photo - Mike's fault! -, for example) and the fact that it was super hot resulted in me not always looking my best. :-( We also used the best picture of us in front of my favorite part of campus - the stadium - as a big blown up print so the table number version was not stellar. But, the guests enjoyed them and that's what counts! I consider them a marked improvement over plain old table numbers, especially because no matter how we looked, Meghan (my bm) still took some good shots. Thanks Meg!

And yes, we are in the fountain on #7. Please note the sign ;-)

Empty Table for perusal

ballroom, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

Thanks to my stepmom, I have a semi-decent photo of the ballroom before the guests descended upon it. It should, at least, give some idea of the table settings. Notice the painstakingly folded paper cranes at each place setting (folded by Mr. Monkey mostly), the revolution tea box at each setting, the alternating colors of blue runners and ties from table to table, and the beautiful centerpieces. Add the emerald green cudge candle holders and you have, all in all, a pretty nice table. Yay. It looks simple but it feels like it took eons to put together. It is difficult to see in this picture, but I did use the cobalt blue wine bottles to mark the tables and the table numbers feature photos of Mike and I around UofA.

Here's the original, un-messed-with photo. It gives a little more table detail but less "whole room" detail.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Jewelry pt II - Blue Nile

Since it isn't possible for the layman (or at least for me) to get a picture of my ring without the diamond looking blurry, here are professional pics of my rings from blue nile :

These guys were not actually a set but they appear to be one and they look great together. I have no complaints with blue nile. Everything they sent was wonderful and we had no problems even when we had to return a band - we ordered 2 so I could choose which one I liked better.

Note: the diamond is actually not from blue nile, but from USAA. They have a wonderful selection.

Also, I purchased this necklace from blue nile before I found the etsy one. I ended up looping it around my wrist to use as a bracelet (see top banner of the site). I bought the matching bracelet but, being a large-boned person, it would not fit around my wrist. The different colored pearls are so cool, it is definitely a necklace/bracelet that I wear post-wedding.

Wedding Jewelry pt I - Etsy

You can see some of my wedding jewelry in these photos. I was thrilled with the quality and beauty of these pieces so I wanted to give a shout out to the etsy sellers who made them.

First the hair ornamentation. These bobby pins are made from vintage earrings by OriginalsbyLynnette. They were beatiful and stayed in my hair all night without dragging it down. Note that I have very thick hair so others with thinner locks might not enjoy the same results. I would email the seller with any questions you might have. These pins were one of a kind but OriginalsbyLynnette has many sets of bridal and non-bridal hair ornamentation.

Second, in keeping with the pearly theme is my coin pearl necklace by teleecouture. This worked beautifully as well with my dress and I envision wearing it with many other outfits post wedding.

Enjoy and happy etsy shopping!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the "altar"

Wedding49, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

Here is a good "unprofessional" picture of Mike at the "altar." As much trouble as I had with our florists (a possible blog for later), the flowers were beautiful and the pedestals were perfectly rustic, just like L'auberge. The reader's platform was mercilessly stolen from the restaurant patio. Earlier in the day, I spotted them using the ugly podium that the catering manager and I traded them for the use of their music stand. ha!

Oh so thats what the cocktail hour was like... too bad pictures took forever and we missed it...

The cocktail hour and bar setup in the garden was so beautiful. Too bad the entire bridal party missed it since we were taking a bazillion pictures. From the couple of pics that I got from family members it looks like people were socializing and having fun. My previously blogged about soda bar seemed like a big hit. There were only 2 bottles left when we came down to make our entrance.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love polyvore

I used polyvore to create a collage of images from my wedding (and some inspiration pictures of things I used. I planned to blog in more detail later but for now I thought I would share these with you, faithful readers (oh wait, do I have any of those? :-P)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The sprinkler

IMG_8797, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

It is always important for a bride to dance ridiculously and have a ton of fun at her wedding :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Works of art

Works of art, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

Our cakes were definitely a hit at our reception. The cake artist was Andrea of Sedona Cake Couture and she did a phenomenal job with our wedding cake and last minute groom's cake.

I decided about a month before the wedding that we definitely needed to have a grooms cake. Mike is very into video games which sparked the Mario idea. I gave Andrea a completely over-the-top in-depth tutorial on the world of Mario. She incorporated the elements I asked for really well. The backgrounds, coins, stars, and blocks were perfect and the sugar goombas were so cool.

The flying mario at the top rocked and was perfect in the details of the gloves, hat and yellow cape (I am a super nintendo child, mario uses a cape to fly, not a racoon tail in my world - sorry for all you NES purists out there).

Mike LOVED it.

Our much fancier cake turned out great as well. The pattern of icing matched my dress and the sugar flowers were exquisite. Just what we asked for! I give Andrea an A+++ for being incredibly attentive to detail and communicative.


Wedding cake - half orange chocolate, half caramel pecan cheesecake

Mario cake - red velvet (mike's favorite)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

zilla moment

Definitely in the right place, originally uploaded by bfurlong.

WHAT'S with the PRICE SCANNER STICKER????!!!!!!!!! They couldn't have at least turned the pot around so that was facing the wall??????


silly, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

Here is a great lomographics action sampler shot of DH and I on the admin steps at UA for our table number photo shoot. We purchased several funky lomographic cameras for the wedding and to test them out our lovely MOH took these pictures while another BM shot our table number pics. We are still waiting on the actual wedding photos which we are getting developed through snapfish (which unfortunately takes longer than your usual drugstore development but costs much less and includes digital images). I promise a new blog post when we get our actual wedding lomo pictures back.


Photo by Jacob Konst

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