Friday, April 4, 2008

a stand for the readers

We are having an outdoor ceremony but we have 2 readers. Originally we were thinking our venue or DJ could provide a podium for them to stand at or we could rent one. Then, the thought was that a big blocky podium would be really ugly in our pictures and would block our speakers.

I then considered having a microphone stand only but there is one catch - both our readings are from literature and we would prefer to have them read from our actual books. I'm thinking that that could be troublesome since Mr. Monkey's sister's reading is from Lord of the Rings... That's a big book, especially the fancy collector's edition one.

The solution? A wooden music stand!! It is a bit of a splurge but it might be the motivation I need to dust off my clarinet which hasn't been touched since undergrad and thus, it would be useful at home after the wedding.

Here are a few pretty ones from

The last one is beatiful! So, of course, it is out of stock. Maybe I can find something similar elsewhere.

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