Saturday, March 8, 2008

Don't let the intro fool you, it's not "Ice, Ice, Baby"

Brides are under pressure to make their wedding day as beautiful as possible...but what if all these potentially great ideas in their heads don't really work out all that well in the execution?!

I have felt a jolt of excess pressure recently. My photographer is a friend of mine who worked on our college newspaper and yearbook with me (I was a layout designer) and went on to become this amazing wedding/fashion photographer in New York. He usually charges significantly more to do weddings than I am paying 90% more. It helps to have friends!!

He has done several weddings but he is still building his portfolio so he is coming in the day before and going over to our wedding cake baker's house (out of which her company is based) to shoot the cake and now I'm thinking "I really hope our cake is as fabulous as I think it will be because it's important to his career!!"

Also, he has an agreement with Brides magazine because they really like his previous pictures so I gave him permission to submit our wedding. What if they don't take his pictures because my fabulous (in my mind) wedding isn't so fabulous (in reality)?

I just want to give him as much opportunity as possible considering he is doing crazy things like shooting my rehearsal dinner and bending over backwards for basically free.

Yikes! Talk about pressure.

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