Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Accidental theme #2 - Wine Corks/Bottles

I was surfing around the Martha Stewart site one day and discovered some place cards with wine cork bases. My first thoughts were: Wow that looks cool! and We like wine! (I know, articulate, right?) I was basically sold on the idea.

You just cut a slit in the cork and slide in a place card. We have done some experimentation and an exacto knife seems to work best but you can cut through cork with a kitchen knife too.

My cards won't have the embellishment around the edge but will be stamped instead:

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

We actually bought the corks at an ebay auction for "200 wine corks" because I'm doubting fiance and I can drink 100 or so bottles of wine before May 31. We could try! But then we might be alcoholics.

I had also been trying to figure out some table number holders but nothing seemed to work (I even just bought some boring ones which I am now returning) until I came across this after searching weddingbee for ideas.

Photo courtesy of Weddingbee

We will have a wine bottle table number holder next to our centerpieces (ignore the bottles with the flowers in them in the pic above) and for a uniform look, we are ordering cobalt blue wine bottles from a bottling company to coordinate with our wedding colors!

Photo courtesy of ebay.com

Weird how sometimes it all comes together. I plan to do a mockup when everything arrives so stay tuned!

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