Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let me tell you a story...

There once was a girl, let's call her "Jen" and she met a boy, let's call him "Mike." They met freshman year of high school. He had a crush, she was not that interested at the time. Four years later, he had finally won her over and they started dating. Nearly 5 years after that, he popped the question. 1 year, 3 months after that, Jen STILL wasn't done planning the wedding and felt very behind...

ACK! Jen is a SLACKER.

It's not like I haven't had time! Here's the thing... I haven't been dreaming about my perfect wedding my whole life. I was pretty ambivalent about actually getting married at all. And then, when I got the ring, I became MADLY obsessed with weddings (hence the wedding blog). There are so many cute little details and cool things that you can use to make your wedding wonderful and unique and have a great time with all your guests. The details are the best part and I've been putting off actually having to make decisions.

Every time I see a great idea, I want to add it to the wedding. Now that it's crunch time (T-3 months), it is not the time for that! It is the time to finish up all my DIY stuff that hasn't been done because I just now decided I want to do it!

Now I must say that I have booked all the appropriate vendors and most things are running smoothly in that department. My problem is all the little things I love!

A recap of some (only SOME!) of the cool wedding things discovered that I'm trying to incorporate...

We are placing jars similar to this with candles in them outside along the wall in the garden for cocktail hour and leading up the stairs to the garden. The garden for cocktail hour is right outside the ballroom so we figure people might want to sit out there for a break in the evening. We are encouraging this by having the bar out there and filling the garden with lights!

The following 3 pictures are from Cavallini makes the most beautiful postcards and coordinating stamps and stickers. I'm incorporating these stamps into my escort cards and I used Cavallini decoupage paper to make my card box (also incorporating scraps of paper from the programs we made (post pending on those). I was going to use the postcards as table markers but we decided to use our own photos instead.

I really want a lemonade stand! We are trying to figure out the logistics of this... and maybe tinting the lemonade blue or green?

Favor boxes for the candy buffet! I currently have 144 of the blue ones sitting in a corner of my house!

And the candy buffet itself! I think this one is really cute (and it's the right colors!)


And we are considering using river rocks like this to line the aisle... not sure about the logistics of this either!

Anyone else have these kinds of concerns? The overwhelmingness of little details put off until 3 months before?

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