Saturday, March 8, 2008

The beauty of simple things... like soda bottles?

My mad brainstorming post included my idea for a lemonade stand. We inquired about this with our resort but the price they quoted for making and refilling the lemonade for our stand was out of our range and I wasn't sure how we could manage it ourselves. I thought having a family member refill the lemonade dispensers would be a bit tacky. Well, maybe not tacky because I hate to use that term but just not the aesthetic we are going for.

So I started thinking we wanted something fun, whimsical and beautiful and I came up with... soda!!

Beautiful soda though, not what you're thinking right now ;-)

Soda like this:

Pretty, no? We are going to set them up on a table in the garden for cocktail hour.
All the sodas are available online but we actually found a local soda shop that sells by the case, saving us a ton in shipping and is actually cheaper per bottle too. We are going soda shopping at the end of the month!

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Photo by Jacob Konst

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