Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The great sparkler let-down...

I have always thought that since FI and I are staying at the hotel where we are having our reception, we wouldn't need a big send off after the reception. It will be dark and we just have to walk down some stairs and then down a path to our "cottage." But then I started thinking "hmmmm... what about sparklers?!"

I saw this picture and I was hooked!

Photo from would probably be a fabulous place to buy sparklers for your wedding if they were not, in fact, illegal in your state!

Sparklers are not legal in Arizona. I thought maybe this was the case but then I saw a picture of a similar exit done at our wedding resort so I thought everything was okay. Apparently, those people defied the law in our great state. I considered ignoring the law for about half a second before I realized my retired firefighter father would never let this happen.

My sparkling sparkler dream was quickly doused by a huge bucket of cold A.R.S. 36-13-1.

How's that for a mixed metaphor?

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Photo by Jacob Konst

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