Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Empty Table for perusal

ballroom, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

Thanks to my stepmom, I have a semi-decent photo of the ballroom before the guests descended upon it. It should, at least, give some idea of the table settings. Notice the painstakingly folded paper cranes at each place setting (folded by Mr. Monkey mostly), the revolution tea box at each setting, the alternating colors of blue runners and ties from table to table, and the beautiful centerpieces. Add the emerald green cudge candle holders and you have, all in all, a pretty nice table. Yay. It looks simple but it feels like it took eons to put together. It is difficult to see in this picture, but I did use the cobalt blue wine bottles to mark the tables and the table numbers feature photos of Mike and I around UofA.

Here's the original, un-messed-with photo. It gives a little more table detail but less "whole room" detail.

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Photo by Jacob Konst

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