Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Jewelry pt II - Blue Nile

Since it isn't possible for the layman (or at least for me) to get a picture of my ring without the diamond looking blurry, here are professional pics of my rings from blue nile :

These guys were not actually a set but they appear to be one and they look great together. I have no complaints with blue nile. Everything they sent was wonderful and we had no problems even when we had to return a band - we ordered 2 so I could choose which one I liked better.

Note: the diamond is actually not from blue nile, but from USAA. They have a wonderful selection.

Also, I purchased this necklace from blue nile before I found the etsy one. I ended up looping it around my wrist to use as a bracelet (see top banner of the site). I bought the matching bracelet but, being a large-boned person, it would not fit around my wrist. The different colored pearls are so cool, it is definitely a necklace/bracelet that I wear post-wedding.

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Marianna said...

Wow..! These wedding diamond rings are looking gorgeous.


Photo by Jacob Konst

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