Wednesday, July 23, 2008

UA Photo shoot pt I - Table numbers

Mike and I did a photo shoot around UA with 2 bridesmaids following us around with Mike's Camera and some of our lomographic cameras. This gave us the opportunity to test the lomos as well as shoot our table numbers. We were going for whimsical and nostalgic. Some of our photos have issues (the bad merger of the backpack and my head in the McKale center photo - Mike's fault! -, for example) and the fact that it was super hot resulted in me not always looking my best. :-( We also used the best picture of us in front of my favorite part of campus - the stadium - as a big blown up print so the table number version was not stellar. But, the guests enjoyed them and that's what counts! I consider them a marked improvement over plain old table numbers, especially because no matter how we looked, Meghan (my bm) still took some good shots. Thanks Meg!

And yes, we are in the fountain on #7. Please note the sign ;-)

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Dianne said...

People should read this.


Photo by Jacob Konst

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